Short story.

The TV exploded. Thick pieces of glass started their flight across the pulpit, and ended abruptly on the floor in a few seconds. Those few seconds were barely enough to get the preacher to one of the side doors- From the pulpit. He continued his run outside heels over head. My concentration was broken by a piece of glass that missed my right eye. I didn’t stir. The windows had shattered too. All this while, I could only see, I couldn’t hear. There was a certain sound. Barely instrumental with astounding pitch, deafening reverberations. Piercing.

The deacons. They were gone, I noticed. All of them. How fast? The congregation was in disarray. People trampled on people, like the biblical serpents, and some heads had become stepping stones. People screamed, children shrieked. I didn’t hear them. I saw them. A mother was searching for her baby. It was obvious. The way she clutched her breasts, wailing with her entire body. The sun swirled. That was my only excuse for the bright light that flashed through the open windows, and then an angelic gust of wind swept past the building, and folded clothes started coming down in a magical descent, without the magic. I recognised the ankara of the pastor’s wife.

I wailed.


The Idea

I just had the awesome idea for a mobile application. I don’t know if it has been created before, I just am thrilled by the idea. I think if done properly or will be a major hit among mobile apps. I just need to start learning how to develop them things then get sponsors then get a team of really good developers to finish up the project. Maybe people that know about server side technology and the rest. I can’t put the details up for copyright purposes. But I will keep this blog updated on progress. As per the website I’m creating, no worries k was done today.



Blogsy Test

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Blog Post ‘Leak’: The Intro

Blasphemus took up fighting stance.

The arena was noisy, and the reverberating chants of his name to and fro the cement walls and seats gave him utmost confidence. He was the preferred man.

He was controversial yet appealing, had a wicked sense of humor, and for as many people as loved him, an equal number hated his guts. *all the better to fuel his popularity*

He was of the tribe of Poust, a tribe settled deep in the remote city of Blorg, and so were his three other opponents, Morni, Llorv, and Pes-Honal.

He flexed his muscles seductively, adequately prepped for the challenge before him, but then….

*ghen ghen*

His master, the controller of his Ludus, called him to retreat. *wth*

That man was me.

Yes, me. I lost a battle with my –alternate
– self to write a blasphemous blog post! I was going to write either a blasphemous, money, love, or personal blog post. *read from start again*

In my past few days of blog surfing, I came across so many controversial and albeit blasphemous *not to forget, awesome* blog posts that I got tempted to write one too.

But, I couldn’t get myself to do it. The words of Kolotians2:2 kept ringing in my ears *very ticklish BS* and I quote; “And in the last days, beware of dogs…(Verse 3) …and yeah, false bloggers!

So I changed my mind, and decided to write about girls.

Do you want to know why girls leave you *apart from the fact that you’re a sorry ass demented tied-to-the-past broke ass fellow*, or what to do to make them stay forever *pregnancy doesn’t work any longer*?

So you want to know why femininity is a great (curse) cause, or why graduating with honors is called ‘cum (loud) laude’, or how to shut that girlfriend up in less than ten seconds *and five words to be precise*?

Do you want to change your relationship status on Facebook from ‘it’s complicated’ (to single of course)? Do you want to know how to let go of that girl *like I don’t know you’re still hoping*?

Well, I don’t have the answers. Ask Google.

NB: This was a ‘leak’, someone hacked into my brain cells to steal this, and I couldn’t put up my firewall in time, so she stole this much. This intro will be continued in next post. Thank you.


I’m fed up of all these. It’s just frustrating when you try so hard and get trash in return. Now, diamond has to be delayed. Buzz isn’t pinging, and I’m waiting, stuck in school. WTF is wrong with people?

OAU Twitter Groove: Revenge of the Geeks

And so, I’m working with some great tweeps to pull off the greatest party in OAU in September. Suffice it to say, @iamquedy started but my humble self completed the idea, and as such I credit myself as originator of the lovely tagline ‘revenge of the geeks’. More pictures to be posted subsequently.

PS: Yeah, I made this one.


Are we just not good?

I recently downloaded and watched a video clip of Wizkid’s album concert.

As the minutes of my laptop video player passed I gazed at the screen in absolute awe and envy as I watched artistes, particularly previously much detested WizKid perform. I’m indifferent towards the dude now. I was in awe of the crowd and cheers and success, and I couldn’t deny that. As I watched one word after the other flawlessly escape their weary-from-singing mouths, I couldn’t help but want to be in their shoes. I couldn’t help but shamelessly acknowledge the fact that I wanted it all, the attention, the fame, the looks, the money, all of it, every bit of their celebrity. I don’t want their personal problems, and STDs, or their poor educational standards, or bad looks, or fat shape. I want the good parts; to live a very convenient and stress-free life, a life free of some sort of worries I would love to do without. Yeah, like getting broke. On second thought, do I really want to be in their shoes?

It’s no news.The popular kids are the music people. The popular young people are those that do music, and nothing else really matters. The whore called music has used its huge ‘booty’ to over-shadow the massive talent among our youth. Writing, art, sports, business have all been downgraded to the abyss of insignificance. Music is all we want to know.

I am a serious sucker for talent and what people can do. So I’m working with a bunch of brilliant people on a magazine that exposes the talent in Nigerian universities. On the front page is Yung6ix, who ironically turns out to be a musician. As much as I critique other magazine makers about their concentration on music and the young population of readers about their interest in only music, I have to admit the ugly truth. Until experience and research prove me wrong, we are all sold to music. For how long? When are we going to come to the realisation that we’re worth more than rap and punch lines?  When are we going to concentrate effort and interest on other things that matter also? Whatever happened to talent diversification? Or are we just not good at other stuff?

The Barry-K post


Oh, yeah, you be tripping already aii? Isn’t she just absolutely beautiful? Ok, here’s the thing….. I (covering face) forgot her birthday, and though I know that if I ask, she’d prolly be like ‘no problem’, I really owe her a bigger apology than a text message. Here we go.

It’s short and precise, so finish reading.




I can count my fine friends, and she definitely is in the top ranking. Funny thing is, I really don’t just see her as fine and hawt –oh yeah, she daaaammn hawt- cos she’s much more than that. She’s smart, wise, patient, loving….please name it. You prolly know how a lot of girls never have everything perfect, and you’d agree with me that fine foolish girls are plenty these days, but have you met Barry K?




She just totally wows me with her opinions and thoughts and behavior. She’s exquisite. And I do really love her! Jump bridge if it’s paining you. So, now you know how much I shouldn’t forget such a birthday. Yet I did.


I don’t care if you’re the only reader of this post, and I don’t know how long till I take it off, but Barry K, I’m so so sorry I missed your birthday (I know it’s not like your wedding day or sm’in but then….) and you deserve the best life can offer.  Happy Birthday dear.


PS: If you want her number or twitter password, call me.



I’m about to start work on the magazines. Diamond and Buzz, and design ideas have been quite awesome. Inspiration has helped tremendously. I hope everything goes according to plan this time though, and no hitches. I’d update with the designs and mistakes and remakes.